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What To Know Before You Go: Recreational Vehicle Care

As the spring and summer months approach, so do the thoughts of their accompanying outdoor activities. For those that own recreational vehicles, the itch to get out on the road or water begins. In preparing to take your motorcycle, truck, boat, or RV out of storage, be sure to have an action plan in place that allows for a thorough cleaning and inspection. Jumping on care and maintenance tasks early will allow you to take advantage of the weather and make the most of the seasons ahead.

Check for Pests
In storage over the winter, recreational vehicles can become the perfect home for small critters or insects. Mice, rodents, squirrels, bees, or ants are all looking for shelter against the elements. Check the engine, small spaces, appliances, cupboards, and storage areas to look for any signs of life that may have created a nest in or on your vehicle. Even if you took preventative measures to keep these vermin out, they may have still found a way in. When inspecting, take caution and wear protective gear if possible.

Test All Systems
Before you take your vehicle out for the first time, confirm that all systems are in proper working order. Be sure to do this outdoors or in a garage that has proper ventilation. Start the vehicle and test that the engine is running correctly. Once that is established, look for leaks or other operational deficiencies. Carefully inspect the brakes, windshield washer fluid levels, air conditioning, tires, and air filters. If you find your battery is partially or completely dead, replace it right away. For any system malfunction, make an appointment to get it fixed and avoid additional costs down the road.

Clean It Up
Though most recreational vehicles have been sealed up during the winter, there are still chances that dust, dirt, or debris have accumulated on the interior. In any case, the best thing to do when taking it out of storage is give it a thorough cleaning. Do a walkaround and inspect for areas that need special attention. Wipe down all vinyl covers, vacuum carpets, and let drapes or cushions sit outside for some fresh air. Take the time to check upholstery for any cracks or tears, and patch them up if you find any.

Polish and Shine
Once you’ve given the inside a solid cleaning, it’s time to polish up the exterior. While washing the outside of your car, boat, RV, or motorcycle, look for any scratches, rusting, discoloration, or paint chips. As a rule of thumb, never use dish soap on the surface of your vehicle as it can dull its appearance and break down its wax coat. After proper inspection, repairs, and an outer wash, finish your vehicle with a wax to create a deep and durable shine.

Though the warmer weather creates a lot of excitement, it’s important to take necessary pre-use care and dewinterize your vehicle prior to hitting the road or water. Doing so can ensure safe and effective use for all involved, and Paradise Car Wash is here to help. For any recreational vehicle washing or detailing needs, satisfaction is guaranteed. Check out our website, visit us at our location, or call (630) 553-9274 for more information on what we offer today!

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