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As the temperatures continue to drop, it’s time to prepare your car for the winter months ahead. Most modern vehicles are equipped for inclement weather conditions, but there are tips and tricks that every driver can put into gear for additional protection. Car detailing services from Paradise Car Wash help provide a barrier against the winter chill, and some additional items to consider for maintaining your vehicle in this climate are below:

This substance is the largest threat to your vehicle. It can eat through paint and cause rusting to occur, so it’s imperative to protect your car prior to salt being placed on the roads. Adding a coat of wax or sealant can aid in deterring both salt and dirt, and the Hand Wax and Paint Sealant packages are perfect for avoiding this problem area.

Throughout the fall season, large amounts of pollen are in the air and can get trapped in or on your vehicle. This can carry over into the winter months and threaten the health of your vehicle and passengers. Keep the interior and exterior clean by shampooing carpets, clearing vents, and vacuuming seats and floor mats. Paradise Car Wash offers an additional Ozone Treatment which eliminates odors from food, animals, and cigarette smoke.

Paint Health
Gravel, dirt, salt, and ice can wreak havoc on your car’s paint as temperatures decrease. Failure to care for it can diminish physical appearance as well as its monetary value if looking to sell in the future. Paint sealant, along with restoration and polishes, are solid solutions to keeping the exterior in tact against these elements. To improve paint health in the winter, consider the professional detailing Complete Exterior package.

Headlight Functionality
After Daylight Savings Time, the sun begin to set earlier in the evenings. The additional darkness, combined with snow and wind, can create hazardous driving conditions. For these instances, it’s crucial that your headlights are working at full strength. Headlight restoration eliminates dull or yellowed-out discoloration for a clearer, cleaner look and increases brightness for safer nighttime driving. For an estimate, call (630) 553-9274.

Interior Quality
If your vehicle has leather seating, the lack of humidity during the winter months can cause dryness and lead to cracking. The Clean & Condition Leather Seats package is a great option for maintaining the appearance of these areas. To continue preserving vehicle seating, avoid eating or using sharp and bulky items near them.
These suggestions can heighten the safety and performance of your vehicle throughout the duration of winter. For all of your seasonal needs, Paradise Car Wash prides itself on providing exemplary washing and detailing services, continuously going the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. We’ve been serving the Yorkville, Illinois area since 2003 and offer a wide variety of options, including pick-up and drop-off services for local customers. To discover more about our winter packages, visit our website or like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on current events, tips and specials.