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The Perfect Time To Focus On The Detail(s)!

ehicles can take a beating during the cold winter months, so this may be your last chance to get quality cleanings and protection from harsh weather. Proper detailing helps to keep your car looking and running great, both inside and out. Keep reading to see how Paradise Car Wash can help improve the value and comfort of your ride this winter:

Rust is Enemy Number One!

Paradise Car Wash knows about cleaning, from summertime bugs to wintertime salt. A quality wash and wax can go a long way toward maintaining your car’s finish in snowy locations, especially where salt is used on the roads and ice, mud and grime trap moisture against your car’s finish. A good wax job is not just about the shine, but it’s also about putting up a defense between your car’s paint and the elements. Choose from one of Paradise Car Wash’s Professional Detailing Packages or check out Express Detailing Options like Hand Waxing, Carpet Shampoo, Shampoo Seats or Paint Sealant.

Your Interior Needs Love, Too!

Extreme temperatures can have harsh effects on your interior as well. Leather, vinyl and plastic expands and contracts with the changing weather. Regular conditioning of interior surfaces will prevent them from becoming brittle and cracking. Paradise Car Wash offers Leather Conditioning, Interior Super Clean and a variety of detailing packages to revitalize, restore and protect the interior of your car.

Ready for Storage?

If you are storing your boat, motorcycle or RV for winter, be sure they are detailed first! It’s worth the extra investment to make sure they are stored properly and protected from damaging dirt, grime, and corrosion. If interested, please call 630-553-9274 for an estimate.

Fall is the best time to be proactive and prevent damage from the elements to your car this winter. Paradise Car Wash offers a full menu of detailing services. Whether you are looking to simply have your carpet or seats shampooed or need a complete professional detailing, Paradise Car Wash will have your vehicle looking cleaner than you could have ever imagined! They offer both Express Detailing and Professional Detailing services to suit any and all needs. Call them at 630-553-9274 for more information!