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The Importance of Detailing Your Vehicle During the Summer

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When you enter the warmer months of the year, you may not think getting your vehicle detailed is a priority. While detailing makes a significant difference in your vehicle’s appearance, many other benefits exist.

Benefits of Detailing

Clean Up After Winter

During winter, many residues can build up on your vehicle’s exterior. Salt buildup, water spots, and other scratches can occur during these months, and a detail job will help to leave your vehicle looking brand new.

Protect Upholstery 

If you’re taking your vehicle out during the summer, you’ll likely find yourself parking under the hot sun now and then. Exposing your seat upholstery to the hot sun can cause some wear and tear on your seats. Leather seats can develop cracks due to sun damage, so detail your vehicle in advance or throughout the summer.

Protect the Exterior

The sun and other elements can also affect the exterior of your car in the summer months. Having your vehicle detailed during the summer can help remove these damages and help prevent them from occurring again.

Prepare for Vacations

Summer is a great time to take vacations or road trips, which can mean spending many hours or days in your car. If you need to rely on your vehicle for many hours or days on a long trip, it’s important that it’s clean and freshly taken care of to make your journey more comfortable for everyone.

Additional Ways to Protect Your Vehicle

  • Check your tires and fluids
  • Inspect your battery
  • Give your car a good wash and wax
  • Consider ceramic coating to protect your paint
  • Try to avoid parking in the sun
  • Install protective devices like car covers or window tints


Visit Paradise Car Wash

After deciding to get your car detailed, you want to choose a reputable detailing service. Paradise Car Wash offers a wide variety of washing and detailing services that will leave your vehicle looking brand new when we’re through with it.

Visit our website to learn more about our detailing services and how we can leave your car in excellent shape for summer.



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