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The average American drives twenty-five miles a day, spending an average of one hour behind the wheel. Having just put a heavy winter behind us, we want to enjoy our spring driving by wrapping up our day and parking our car in the garage. Most people have and love the idea of a garage parking space, yet only thirty percent of us actually use it.  

Garage real estate often gets ignored because of clutter – the number one reason why people don’t utilize the parking space in their garage. Garages also tend to lack proper storage systems which is another reason as to why most homeowners don’t take advantage of the benefits this area has to offer.

Because garages are typically seen as transitional spaces, they are often used as an overflow dumping ground. Getting started on overhauling our garages is often the biggest hurdle, but by taking the following steps to organize your garage, its intended and additional purposes will be able to come to light.

Sort the Clutter

Make three piles: one that contains items to donate, one with things to throw away, and one that contains items you wish to keep.

Find Another Place

Pet food: though the garage is seen as an easy and convenient location for storing your pet’s food, it can often invite rodents into this area to snack.  

Paints: extreme weather conditions can ruin paint for your interior or exterior home projects. If you live in an area with intense bouts of heat or cold, try storing your paint in a temperature-controlled area to maintain its quality.

Refrigerator: many people use the garage for housing an extra refrigerator; however, keeping refrigerators in areas that are not air-conditioned have a tendency to increase your energy bill. 

Set Aside a Day or Full Weekend

Depending on the size and amount of clutter in your garage, organizing the space can be quite daunting. Spring maintenance checklists and tasks are best completed by setting aside time to work when nothing else is scheduled. Choose a day throughout the week where no sporting events, extracurricular activities, or other household duties will interfere.

Benefits of Organizing  

Reduced clutter and more room for the car: whether you’re getting rid of items or utilizing garage organization systems, these actions will give you the opportunity to focus on the things you need while making room for the things you want. Building shelves, cabinets, and hanging solutions keep things neat and tidy, and your tools, machinery, paper products, and other items will all find their place. Doing so will free up space for your car to park and retrieve as you please.

Accessibility: how often do you go out to your garage to retrieve something, only to waste time rummaging through piles of things in a fruitless effort? If your items are classified and properly labeled on shelves or in cabinets, no longer will these efforts be for naught, and efficient “search and rescue” will become a common occurrence.

Organization and decluttering the garage area can free up room for your vehicle and other storage needs, protecting your possessions and investments from UV exposure, animal droppings, and the extreme heat that accompanies Chicago-area summers. The above tips can help you make the most of your garage, and Paradise Car Wash can help make the most of your vehicle. For washing and detailing needs, call 630-553-9274, check out our website, or visit our location.