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We all know that a car’s value depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot. Over time, mother nature and other forces can take a toll on the life of your vehicle. But there are factors in your control to ensure good resale value when it comes time to sell or trade-in your vehicle. Keep your car’s physical appearance in good shape to help maintain a higher value with these tips.Regular Car WashesYou know how great a day at the spa feels for you, so treat your hard-working vehicle to regular stops at its version of the spa, the car wash. Experts recommend weekly or bi-weekly washes for your vehicle. So how do these simple washes help keep your car in top-notch shape?

  1. Mud, dirt, and precipitation contain minerals that can damage your paint job. 
  2. Washing your engine can help remove debris and keep it healthier.
  3. Regular car washes remove debris from your windows, mirrors, and tires, making it safer to drive.
  4. Regular car washes prevent rust.
Wax Your VehicleWaxing your car gives it a gorgeous shine and adds a layer of protection to its exterior. In addition, wax protects the paint on your vehicle from the elements, bird droppings, pollution, and other undesirable issues that can break down the paint on the vehicle. You can wax your vehicle yourself or leave the work to the professionals, but either way, aim to wax your car every three months or so.Interior CleaningWhen selling your car, your interior’s condition will significantly impact your vehicle’s value. Staying on top of vacuuming and wiping down the dashboard is always the best option. Trust professionals to detail your vehicle for the ultimate deep clean. Getting your car detailed includes deep cleaning and shampooing the seats, cleaning the windows, vacuuming the car’s interior, and even shampooing the carpets. It will take a couple of hours to get the job done, but you will leave with your car’s interior looking and smelling like new.We know your to-do list is long, but taking the time to regularly wash, wax, and clean your car’s interior will be worthwhile. These simple, regular tasks will keep your vehicle running smoothly and hold its value.Paradise Car Wash, located at 1010 N. Bridge St (Rt. 47) in Yorkville, IL, is a full-service car wash and auto detailing center. They offer a full line of services from a basic car wash to a complete expert detailing of your vehicle to keep it in top-notch shape all year round. With Paradise Car Wash, satisfaction is guaranteed! Your car will be next to new when we’re through. Call us at 630-553-9274 for more information!Sources: