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The falling temperatures are a sure sign that the most challenging Midwest season is upon us. Winter is right around the corner, and with it comes the all-important prep for the cold winter weather and often treacherous conditions on the road. 

So this season, be ready for winter by preparing your car for the unique stresses of the cold and adverse conditions coming your way.

How Deep is Your Tire Tread? 

Your tires are quite literally your connection to the road. The snowy and icy conditions mean that you will want to make sure your tires are in tip-top shape this winter to keep you safe. Start by checking your tire tread. Your tire tread is instrumental in your stopping distance and traction on the road. To check your tire’s tread, try the Penny Test:

  1. Take a penny and place it in the tread groove of your tire with Lincoln’s head facing you. 
  2. Stick the penny in the tread so that the top of Lincoln’s head is no longer visible. 
  3. If his entire head is visible while in the groove, it’s time to replace your tires.

Additionally, check your tire pressure daily as winter arrives. The cold weather causes your tire pressure to fluctuate drastically, increasing the possibility of losing traction or having a tire blow. Look on the inside of your door frame for a sticker that indicates your cold weather tire pressure, and be sure they stay in that range.

Is Your Vehicle Battery Ready for Winter?

The capacity of your vehicle’s battery lessens in cold weather. Don’t wait for yours to leave you stranded on a frigid day. Have a professional check the condition of your battery, starter, and entire charging system. Most auto parts stores will test your battery for free. You can also make sure to clean your battery terminals. Corrosion build-up on the battery connections can cause starting problems in cold weather and prevent your charging system from recharging your battery. Simply use a wire brush to clean off all the grease from the area. 

Is Your Car Exterior Protected?

With moisture in the air, cold temperatures, and salt on the roads, the exterior paint on your car will take a beating during the winter months. Prepare for winter by having your vehicle freshly waxed this fall. A good coat of wax will help to protect your car from the salt and grime of winter. Because salt is so corrosive, plan to wash your car frequently once the salt is laid on the roads. Keep washing your vehicle frequently until the spring rains have washed the streets clean for best salt damage prevention. 

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