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Your car is a huge investment and maintaining it should be on the top of your “to-do” list. That being said, how often should you truly wash your car? Most professionals recommend every two weeks, but there are a variety of common vehicle hazards to consider when determining what is right for your specific make and model:

Corrosion can create problems such as rust on the body, deterioration of electrical parts and more serious issues like brake malfunctions. Corrosion, or rust, is caused by exposure to outside substances like water, salt, de-icing solutions, acid rain and other chemicals. One of the biggest causes of corrosion for motor vehicles is the salting of roads in the winter, but cars driven in warmer climates can suffer damage from corrosion as well. Washing your vehicle is a necessity in order to halt corrosion and maintain its value and safety.

Weather can have a large impact on how often your car needs to be washed. Here in Illinois, the winter weather often requires the salting of roads for safety. Though driving conditions are improved, this substance is extremely corrosive. When weather conditions are severe, a good rule of thumb is to wash your vehicle weekly.

Location plays a role in the frequency of washes as well. A few key questions to ask are: how much driving do I do? Do I end up with bugs on my hood or windshield? Do I park under trees where sap or bird droppings are common? These occurrences can accelerate corrosion, increasing the need for more routine washes.
No matter how many washes your vehicle requires, Paradise Car Wash offers standard and customized service packages to fit a variety of wants and needs. In addition to convenient pricing, we also has several coupons available for additional savings. From the Ultimate Wash Plus to our Basic Exterior Wash, your car will be next to new when we’re through. Stop by our location to see for yourself, or call (630) 553-9274 for additional information.