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How Often Should I Wash My Car?

Washing your car isn’t just for a shiny, fresh look. Preserve your car’s paint and finish with the help of a car wash. Like a regular oil change, washing your vehicle is essential to maintaining it’s looks, resale value, and paint finish. But just how often should you be washing it? Take your life into account and read these questions below to learn how often you should be taking your car for a wash. 

5 Questions To Figure Out How Often You Should Wash Your Car

  1. How far is your daily commute? Driving long distances can endanger your car to airborne particles and other damaging debris at a faster rate. If you take long commutes, you may want to invest in a car wash at least once a week to twice a month.
  2. Where do you live? Whether you live in the city or out in the woods, you need to take your location into serious consideration. The freeway can create a lot of dust, leftover debris, and cement from construction sites. From bird poop to unattended potholes, living out in a more rural area can present a wide range of problems. 
  3. What Is Your Weather Like? Cold climates can cause salt build-up and other chemical stains in the winter. You will have to wash your car more often in colder climates. If you live near a more industrialized environment, acid rain can cause decay and corrosion. 
  4. Where Do You Park? If you park in a garage, you won’t have to wash your car as often. Parking outside exposes your vehicle to the environment for long periods of time and can cause more damage than parked inside. 
  5. How Do You Want Your Car To Look? Do you love a shiny car more than the next guy? If you enjoy having your car look photo-ready at all times, you will need to wash your car more often than most. This isn’t a necessity, but a personal preference. 

After you’ve asked yourself these questions, find the right number of monthly washes for your vehicle. Generally, everyone should wash their car at least once a month to maintain a beautiful finish. If you live in colder weather or have a longer commute, a wash once a week will keep your car from rusting and preserve its integrity. 

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