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Getting a car wash might seem like a mundane chore to add to your growing task list, but car washes are an innovative and valuable addition to our society. So the next time you get a car wash, think about some of these fun facts about the need for car washes to make your trip through the suds a bit more fun and less chore-like!

The OG Car Wash 

The first carwash business opened in 1914 in Detroit. It was called the ‘Automated Laundry.’ But it was not automated at all–it involved a good old bucket and sponge. The first semi-automatic carwash didn’t come about until 1946 in Detroit.

Big Business 

More than 2 billion cars are washed each year in North America. According to the International Carwash Association. There are more than 60,000 car wash locations in the United States. Car wash sales equate to retail sales totaling roughly $15 billion.

The No-Wash Club  

Did you know that 20% of drivers have not cleaned their cars in at least three months? And a whopping 10% can’t remember if they have ever cleaned their vehicle! Are you among the 80% who wash their car more often than every 90 days?

Hands On the Wheel!

If you wipe down your steering wheel infrequently, our next fact with make you think twice. Researchers identified 146 types of bacteria on the steering wheel. Humans touch their faces as many as 26 times an hour, so it is no secret that much of the bacteria and viruses spread in vehicles start with the steering wheel.

Plug Your Nose

Dropped bits of food, spilled drinks, pet smells, mold, mud, and dirty AC units all contribute to foul odors in vehicles. 27% of drivers admit their car stinks!

Dirty Cars Kill the Romance  

If you are looking for love, keep your car clean, especially before a date. 51% of people say they have ended a first date early because their date took them out on the town in a messy car.

Pets Ride Shotgun  

It is no surprise that many pet owners bring their furry friends along for the ride. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), 80% of dog owners take their dogs in the car frequently. While we are big fans of the pups riding shotgun, pet hair and odors add to the frequency with which you clean your vehicle’s interior.

Clean Car Goals 

In a poll of 2,000 American drivers conducted by OnePoll and Meguiar’s, 78% of people said a lovely clean car makes them feel like they have their life more together. And we know that you have a long to-do list, so leave it to the experts to help you get on track.

Paradise Car Wash, located at 1010 N. Bridge St (Rt. 47) in Yorkville, Illinois, is a full-service car wash and auto detailing center. We offer a full line of services from a basic car wash to a complete expert detailing of your vehicle to keep it in top-notch shape all year round.

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The History of the Car Wash Industry