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Cleaning Up Yorkville… One Car Wash At A Time!

Remember the movie Car Wash? This cult comedy focuses on a group of friends working at a car wash in Los Angeles. They encounter dozens of eccentric customers, including a smooth-talking preacher, a wacky cab driver and an ex-convict, all while cracking jokes to the underlying beat of disco and funk.

Sorry to say, but our workers aren’t nearly as hilarious. That’s because they’re focused solely on getting your car as clean as possible. In determining how often to visit a car wash, here are some factors to consider:

Residence – do you live or work near a city, wooded area or ocean? Cities suffer from high levels of air pollution caused by construction and factories. This pollution, combined with contaminants such as bird droppings, can corrode your paint. Areas with trees – parks, woods and city streets – can expose your car to tree sap. This sap can stain and tarnish your paint, leaving your car with extensive damaged. Coastal regions carry salt in the air from the sea which can rust your undercarriage if left on for too long. For these locations, a weekly car wash is recommended.
Use/Commute – how often do you use your car? Daily driving exposes your car to a steady stream of contaminants that threaten to discolor and corrode your paint. Bird droppings or splattered bugs can stick to your paint if left on too long, making it difficult to remove without causing paint damage. For this frequency of use, a weekly wash is best. With limited use or shorter commute times, choose bi-monthly or monthly washing.
Weather – constant exposure to intense heat can threaten your car’s wax protection which serves as a barrier from this element. Excessive moisture also locks in pollutants, accelerating rusting. Whether heavy sun, rain or snow, weekly washing is recommended.
Storage – storing your car in a closed garage reduces exposure to contaminants and warrants fewer washes; however, if you park your car in a lot, out on the street or in an area with minimal protection, make sure you wash it weekly.

Unlike Car Wash, we can’t guarantee you’ll see movie stars or tap your feet to funk while you wait. On the bright side, Paradise Car Wash can promise a wide variety of wash and detailing options, including pick-up and drop-off services for local customers. We are a full-service car wash and auto detailing center where satisfaction is guaranteed. To get more information on these star-worthy services, call us at (630) 553-9274.