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Car Washes And Environmental Friendliness

It’s no surprise that cars need to be washed regularly, not simply to look good, but also to remove harmful residues like salt, tar, and dirt. These can build up on a car’s exterior (body, tires, undercarriage) and interior (brake pedals, etc.), which can then impact a car’s performance and safety. If you have concerns about the environment, the good news is that some car washes now offer greener car cleaning. Below are some things to know about eco-friendly car washes.

Driveways are NOT eco-friendly

Washing your car in your driveway may seem like a good idea, but in fact, it creates the potential for great harm to the environment. Think about the pollutants being removed besides dirt and grime. Harmful debris like gasoline, motor oil, and even heavy metals (like copper from brake pads, or zinc from tires) will end up somewhere. Typically they run off into your surrounding soil affecting your groundwater, or perhaps into storm drains that eventually lead to rivers and lakes and affect fish and other aquatic life that depend on these resources. A greener option is to take your car to an eco-friendly car wash.

Innovative, green car washes

Not all car washes are alike. Some have installed systems that make them eco-friendly, primarily in terms of water-saving efforts and containing noxious pollutants.

Water usage and reclamation

The general public is becoming focused on minimizing the environmental impacts of our daily actions. In terms of car washes, one of the potentially biggest environmental impacts is the amount of water used. According to the International Car Wash Association, water consumption for a car wash at home far exceeds the typical professional car wash, by as much as 3 times. This is achieved in a number of ways, including the use of low horsepower pumps, cloth mittens and brushes, and by recycling and reusing water that is collected in the drains. These water reclamations systems not only allow car washes to minimize the number of gallons used per wash, but they also contain the pollutants, preventing them from leaching into ground soil or sewage systems.

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