Your to-do list is long, and with all the chores that go with running your household, sometimes car care falls to the bottom of the list. But your vehicle is often a lifeline to get your family where they need to go, so making sure your car is running in top condition should be a priority for you. A monthly car wash membership makes taking care of your vehicle an easy addition to your weekly routine.

A monthly car wash is a subscription plan for car cleaning. As a member of the car wash, you pay one monthly fee to get as many car washes as you want or need. Often, the car wash membership comes in different tiers, depending on the level of exterior and interior cleaning you wish to purchase.

So, what are the benefits of having a monthly car wash membership?

Save Time and Energy 

Participating in a monthly car wash membership makes taking care of your car a no-brainer. When you pull in, you don't have to worry about opening your wallet or having the hassle of a transaction. Instead, you can simply pull right in and get your regular order, then be on your way.

 Additionally, automatic car washes are much more efficient than washing your car yourself. Participating in a monthly membership means you don't need to purchase or store all the proper tools or cleaners to clean your vehicle. And we are guessing you have better things to do with your time than washing your car in your driveway!

 Save Money  

The different tiers of the car wash membership allow you to tailor a package that meets your budgetary needs. The membership packages also are created to give great value to club members. You enjoy a discounted rate on all your washes by buying them in bulk.

 Retain the Value of Your Car 

Weekly or bi-weekly washes are recommended for your vehicle. Regular car washes benefit your car in these ways: 

  1. Removes mud, dirt, and precipitation containing minerals that can damage your paint job.
  2. Washes your engine to remove debris and keep it healthier.
  3. Increases your visibility by removing debris from your windows, mirrors, and tires, making it safer to drive.
  4. Prevents rust.
Support a Local Business  

Purchasing a local car wash membership is a partnership between you and the business. Show your support for business in your community. Your membership helps to ensure they get the regular traffic needed to stay in the community and your car stays squeaky clean.

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 With Paradise Car Wash, satisfaction is guaranteed! Your car will be next to new when we're through. Call us at 630-553-9274 for more information!