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Few things are more satisfying than rolling around town in your freshly-washed, squeaky clean vehicle right after a car wash. That trip to the car wash makes your car finish shiny and bright and gives you a crystal-clear view through the windshield to take in the world. 

Car washes are a necessary addition to your chore list to keep you and your passengers safe and retain the value of your vehicle. So is it better to wash your vehicle at a car wash or scrub your car clean yourself?

Quality Clean

When it comes to getting the dirt and grime off your car, heading to the car wash is the best option. From that first blast of water when you enter the car wash to the rinse at the end, car wash manufacturers have worked diligently to create a machine that cleans your car effectively. The materials in the car wash will do the dirty work of loosening and removing all the spatter you have picked up on the roads. 

Environmentally Friendly

Taking your car to the car wash is more environmentally friendly. Home car washes can consume as much as 100 gallons of water, ten times the amount used at a professional car wash. That soap and grimy water also flow down your driveway into the storm drain, entering local water systems. Most car washes incorporate some type of water recycling. For example, the water that initially blasts your car with water, loosening the dirt, might be reused, but the water used for the rinse cycle is always clean. Additionally, these facilities are legally bound to drain the wastewater into sewer systems.

Time Savings

Some might say that cleaning your car yourself is more thorough. But all those brushes and soft felt strips in the car wash are so systematic that it is like having several people working to clean your car at once. Hand washing requires multiple materials, buckets, steps, and clean-up. Quite simply, you don’t need to waste your time on a chore that a business can do for you in less time. Save your precious time for other things you enjoy!

Cost Savings

There is no denying that washing your car at home can seem like a wallet-friendly option at first glance. All you have to purchase is your initial supplies, and off you go, right? But time is money for everyone, and many car washes have fantastic customer coupons and membership programs to help you save time and money by being a loyal customer.

So save yourself the headache of cleaning your vehicle yourself and count on Paradise Car Wash, located at 1010 N. Bridge St (Rt. 47) in Yorkville, Illinois. Paradise Car Wash is a full-service car wash and auto detailing center. We offer a full line of services, from a basic car wash to a complete expert detailing of your vehicle to keep it in top-notch shape all year round. 

With Paradise Car Wash, satisfaction is guaranteed! Your car will be next to new when we’re through. Call us at 630-553-9274 for more information.