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Avoid Auto Repair Scams

Let’s face it, some businesses have a higher reputation for scams than others and most of them involve vehicles. If you’ve ever taken your car in for a repair and the mechanic gives you a laundry list of things wrong with it, red flags probably go up. People oftentimes don’t even know they’ve been taken advantage of. In fact, auto repair problems make up the largest group of consumer complaints. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that consumers lose tens of billions of dollars each year due to faulty or unnecessary car repairs. While most auto repair shops are honest, thousands of sting undercover findings have detected plenty of scams across the country. As a consumer, here are some things you can do to avoid auto repair scams, according to AARP. 

Get a quote

Auto repair quotes should come with an explanation that, in clear and simple terms, lays out exactly what work and parts are needed, their cost, and how the problem was detected. If you feel most comfortable you can always seek a second opinion. 

Oil change add-ons

Many repair shops barely break even on routine services like oil changes, so you can be confident that a mechanic will give your car a thorough inspection looking for other possible jobs. Be suspicious if you’re handed a long list of recommended add-ons if your car is running fine.

Front-end fraud

Unless you notice handling problems, be suspicious if a mechanic says your car needs front-end work like an alignment or new ball joints, advises Austin Davis, an auto repair shop owner who runs, which offers free advice on car repairs. Why be suspicious? Most customers can’t easily locate or identify those parts. And with ominous warnings from the mechanic about steering loss, the repairs have a high scare factor. If your car seems to be driving fine, get a second opinion.

Get referrals 

Friends and neighbors are the usual go-to sources, but consider calling your car insurer for its list of recommended body shops in your area.

Compare prices: 

Get price estimates at,, or Expect to pay at least 20 percent more at a dealership. Keep in mind that reputable full-service independent and franchise shops can handle most anything except recalls, warranty repairs, post-warranty fixes offered under a good-will program, and repairs to high-tech electrical and AC systems.

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