Besides our express and professional detail services, Paradise Car Wash also has several ala carte options for your detailing needs.

Ozone Treatment  $50

  • Eliminates odors such as food, animals and cigarette smoke. Guaranteed.

ClayBar $50.00/hr.

Fabric Sealant


  • $20 for cars no trunk
  • $30 for cars including trunk
  • $30 for SUV’s


  • $20 for cars
  • $30 for SUV’s

Headlight Restoration – Call For Price

  • Restore dull or yellowed-out headlights to a clean, clear look
  • Helps increase brightness for safer nighttime driving

Boats & Motorcycles – Call For Price

Recreational Vehicles

  • Wash (no roof) $2 per foot
  • Wash (including roof) $3 per foot
  • Wash & Wax $6 per foot
  • Interior Only $50.00/hr.


Paint Overspray Removal – Call For Price

Paint Transfer Removal – Call For Price

Tar Removal – Call For Price

Rim Detailing – Call For Price


Handwash With Towel Dry $25*

  • Dress tires

With Additional Services  $31*

  • Vacuum
  • Clean windows

*All oversized vehicles (SUV’s, mini vans, vans, full-sized trucks, limos) add $10